Game length is 20 minutes: 2 x 10 minute halves with a 3-minute break in the middle.

3 vs. 3 with one goalie, games are played on foot.


Player Equipment: Eligeo CRM Inc. recommends all participants wear helmets with face shields, mouth guards, gloves and shin pads to prevent any injuries.

Goalie Equipment: Goalies are required to wear a full face mask. Leg protectors, a chest protector and a blocker and catcher are highly recommended.

Play & Scoring:

Starting: The ball will be dropped at centre by the referee.

Scoring: The ball must cross the goal line to count. Disputes over goals/non-goals are settled between the two teams playing. The refs decision is final. Games are supposed to be fun and although it can get intense – be honest and keep in mind that “it’s just a game”.

After a goal: The play returns to “centre ice” for a face-off.

After Half-Time: Teams switch ends and a face-off starts the second half.

Slap Shots: Slap shots are not prohibited. When shooting, sticks must stay below the waist.

Playoffs: Ties are not allowed in the playoffs; five-minute sudden death overtime will be played after a two minute break. A shoot out will decide the outcome if a tie exists after the overtime; four shooters must be chosen; if there is still at tie after all four shooters have shot it becomes sudden death and the first team to take the lead wins (the shooting order must remain the same).

Penalties: This is only for fun and no one should intentionally trip, slashing, high-stick, body/cross-check, etc… anyone else. If this happens, a two-minute penalty will occur for the team who committed the infraction and a face off will take place at the site of the infraction. Ref’s are in charge of calling penalties.

Stick Throwing: Throwing sticks is very dangerous and strictly prohibited. Anyone throwing his or her stick may be removed from the game.

Fighting: There is a ZERO TOLERENCE rule for fighting. If you or anyone from your team is involved in a fight you will be expelled from the tournament – no exceptions.


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