Tournament Info

The Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament’s vision is to help get kids out and having fun.  We support charities that have an interest in building awareness while also providing ways for kids to get active whether through sports or other activities.

Please review the rule book.

The 4th Annual Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament

  • Saturday, October 5th, 2013
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Hangar
    • 731 13 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB
  • 10:00AM Registration Time
  • Games will continue throughout the day, schedule to be released soon


  • Each team must supply their own equipment.
  • Sticks and Shoes are required for all players.
  • Any make or model of stick can be used. Plastic, graphite, wood, aluminum, etc. are all acceptable. There is no such thing as an illegal curve in street hockey!
  • However, sticks that are chipped or broken or deemed “dangerous” in any way may not be used. All sticks will be inspected / observed by the referee before and during each game.
  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Eye protection is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all other players, but is not mandatory.
  • Helmets, jocks, gloves, shin guards and mouth guards are also STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all players, but are not mandatory.
  • Goalies Require: trappers, and blockers and goalie pads. Additional equipment is encouraged but not mandatory.


Games Format:

3 on 3 Hockey with a goalie on each side.  Additional substitutes allowed.  Please see the Rules for more information on specific game play regulations.


Lunchtime Sponsor


Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

LIVE Performance: Narda Roberts