4th Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament in Calgary

Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament

24 Aug

Thanks to our sponsors, tournament in 2 weeks!

We wanted to send out a big shout out our sponsors so far:

  • Eau Cool
  • Sandler Training
  • Brad Pond
  • Speers Photography
  • Ductblasters
  • Finningley Professional Corporation
  • Safeway
  • Kingsland Community Centre
  • ISO Canada

It’s not too late to set up a banner sponsorship with us, simply contact Derek at derek@ballhockeytournament.com for more information or visit our sponsor page.

3 Aug

Eligeo Sponsorship Packages, now available!

You can now download a distributable PDF document containing all of our Sponsorship Packages for the upcoming 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament Fundraiser in support of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.  This is an incredible opportunity to get involved with a great charity and also tap into some great exposure for your organization.

Click here to download our Sponsorship Packages

17 Jul

Time to put down the mini donuts

Well Stampede is over and I bet everyone is feeling the same mini doughnuts, wobbly pop’s, deep fried everything after affects that come from a day or 10 spent on the Stampede grounds. It’s that time of year when the thought of anything ‘fried’ makes you clutch your (slightly rounder) stomach and cry out “No more!”

The beautiful thing that comes with the end of Stampede is that it’s summer and there is a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables currently filling the produce section of your nearest grocery store to make up for the gluttony that is Stampede. This is that wonderful time of year that you can get all the best summer treats like watermelon, fresh corn and cherries. Summer time means it’s one of the easiest times of year to eat a nutritious meal.

The sad thing is that many people lack the basic knowledge surrounding nutrition for both themselves and their children. Heath Canada recommends the average adult to have between 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and kids to have 6 to 8 servings a day. It sound’s like a lot but you’d be surprised how easy it can be to get the recommended amount when you make a concious effort. The thing is that we live in such a fast paced society that to actually slow down and make a nutritious meal requires a considerable amount of effort these days. It’s very easy to buy prepackaged food that can be thrown in the microwave but often these foods are loaded with sodium and sugar.

Producing a healthy lunch can be a bit of a struggle for anyone but especially for low income families just getting food on the table on the table can be a struggle.

One of Eligeo’s goals with ball hockey tournament is to alleviate local child hunger. However providing nutritious food is a hugely important part to making an impact. Studies show that children who eat a well balanced meals are more attentive and focused in school. This is one of the main focal points for Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK). By providing well balanced lunches BB4CK is helping kids allover Calgary to gain the nutrition they need and making a step in the right direction for a healthy life style.

Not to shabby for a ball hockey tournament.

9 Jul

Who your donation goes to

It’s happened to the best of us throughout our lives.

Either you were in such a rush you forgot to make your lunch or you forget to grab it on your way out the door. Then halfway through the morning your stomach starts aching for some food and you can’t help but day dream about your lunch. That’s when you realize you forgot it. Luckily for most adults this is a minor inconvenience and just means you have to buy a lunch that day.

Now imagine being 6 years old and having no lunch for school because your parents can’t afford to make you one.

Local child hunger isn’t a new thing. In fact Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) has been combating this problem head on for over 20 years. It’s estimated that almost 30,000 kids in Calgary go hungry while in school, that is a HUGE number especially if you compare it to say the Saddledome which only fits 20,000 people. What’s more studies show kids that don’t receive proper meals are less likely to be able to focus on school work and are not actively engaged in the classroom.

BB4CK aims to curtail child hunger by offering community based programs that supply nutritious lunches to kids who wouldn’t have one. By engaging and garnering support from communities within the Calgary area BB4CK has seen a marked drop in the lunches provided from their main kitchen and an increase in lunches being supplied through agency partners. The average lunch costs $1 and over 1500 are delivered to nearly 60 schools each school day.

So knowing all of this just think of how far your donation goes when you register for the Ball Hockey Tournament! By coming out and joining us on Saturday September 8th, 2012 you will be making a serious difference in kid’s lives all over the city by supporting this great charity.

5 Jul

5 Reasons to Enter the 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament

5) You can embrace your inner child. Who didn’t spend countless afternoons playing ball hockey as a kid? Now anyone over 18 years an older can play in our tournament. Get a group of friends together, pool some money, register on our website and spend the day playing the same game you loved so much as a kid!

4) It’s for a great cause! Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids has been supplying local kids with bagged lunches for over 20 years to help combat child hunger and malnutrition among children in Calgary by providing nutritious lunches  to kids who would otherwise go hungry.

3) It’s tax deductible! When you register individually or with a team you will be taken to a website where you can print off a receipt to claim for your income tax.

2) For a $25 per person registration fee you get to come out and compete in the great Canadian sport that is hockey! We want a fundraiser that people enjoy and spending the day out in the sun, playing hockey is something every Canuck enjoys. This year we are introducing 2 leagues: recreational and competitive. So whether you just want to come play in a good ol’ hockey game (the best game you can play!) or think you should be playing to win the coveted Ball Hockey Trophy come out and enjoy the greatest Canadian past time!

1)Through the help of  local sponsorship from our community we are able to donate all the money raised to charity. All and we mean ALL of the proceeds go directly to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids!


3 Jul

Time to register!

Registration is now open for the Third Annual Ball Hockey Tournament!

Start assembling your teams and finding out your opponents weaknesses for a chance at some amazing prizes.

An Individual Registration includes:

  • Lunch
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages throughout the day
  • Participation in at least 3 games plus single game elimination
  • Live entertainment from Marija and Shadowstalk
  • Prizes, prizes and prizes

Click here to register.


7 Jun

Press Release: 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament Announced



June 7th, 2012



Mr. Derek Major
Lead Organizer
Email: Derek@BallHockeyTournament.com
Website: www.BallHockeyTournament.com

What: The 3rd Annual Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament is an exciting full day ball hockey event to help raise money for Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.


The event will feature 3 on 3 ball hockey for all skill levels including 2 groups of beginner/intermediate and skilled.  Returning this year will be a live performance by Marija and Shadowstalk (www.shadowstalk.com).

Tournament registration and sponsorship information will be released in the coming weeks.  The organizers are currently looking for volunteers and sponsors to provide support and assistance in delivering our 3rd consecutive tournament in Calgary.

The 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament will have many prizes and a lot of great ball hockey action in an exciting fundraising event for Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids who believe that all children should be loved and cared for by family, community and society.

More information will be available in the coming weeks on BallHockeyTournament.com.

Who: Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

When: Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Where: Kingsland Community Centre
505 – 78 Avenue SW




9 Apr

3rd Annual Planning Kick-Off on April 18th

Well, it’s that time of year again!  We will be holding the kick off meeting for all of those interested in being part of the committee that will help organize the 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament.

What is involved in being part of the organizing committee?

  • Coordinating and planning the events of the day
  • Sponsorship acquisition
  • Day-Of-Event Staff Management
  • Coordinating Volunteers
  • Registration Management
  • Promotion, PR and Publicity
  • Online and Website Management

And much more to all be discussed on April 18th, 2012 at the Eligeo Offices in the Crossroads Market.


April 18th, 2012


Eligeo Office (Crossroads Market)
#301 – 1235 26th Ave SE


Anybody who is interested in taking a lead volunteer role with the Eligeo Ball Hockey committee for 2012.


100% of the proceeds from the event benefit a Calgary-based charity (Charity to be officially announced at the end of April).  In 2011 we raised $1,000, 2011 we raised $2,000 and in 2012 we are hoping to continue our trend of doubling the numbers.

We are looking forward to hearing and seeing from you in a couple of weeks!

1 Oct

2nd Annual Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament Photo’s

The photo’s from the 2nd Annual Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament are now available on Picasa.  A BIG thank you to Peter Evans who took over 1,800 photo’s throughout the day.  If you’re looking for an amazing photographer for private photo’s or events please send Peter an email at stormsevans@gmail.com.

All photo’s are viewable here.


11 Sep

Unclaimed Prizes & Thank you!

What an incredible day we had at Kingsland Community Centre yesterday.  We had over 50 participants, volunteers and patrons attend the annual Ball Hockey Tournament and we certainly surpassed expectations.  We will be announcing the donation amounts in the coming weeks.

Unclaimed Prizes

We had 1 prize go unclaimed at the event so check your raffle ticket stub for the following numbers:

Autographed Washington Capitals Jersey: 315487

If you have this ticket please contact derek@ballhockeytournament.com and we can arrange to get you your prize.


Stay tuned for more post-tournament photo’s and video over the coming weeks.


Lunchtime Sponsor


Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

LIVE Performance: Narda Roberts