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It’s happened to the best of us throughout our lives.

Either you were in such a rush you forgot to make your lunch or you forget to grab it on your way out the door. Then halfway through the morning your stomach starts aching for some food and you can’t help but day dream about your lunch. That’s when you realize you forgot it. Luckily for most adults this is a minor inconvenience and just means you have to buy a lunch that day.

Now imagine being 6 years old and having no lunch for school because your parents can’t afford to make you one.

Local child hunger isn’t a new thing. In fact Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) has been combating this problem head on for over 20 years.┬áIt’s estimated that almost 30,000 kids in Calgary go hungry while in school, that is a HUGE number especially if you compare it to say the Saddledome which only fits 20,000 people. What’s more studies show kids that don’t receive proper meals are less likely to be able to focus on school work and are not actively engaged in the classroom.

BB4CK aims to curtail child hunger by offering community based programs that supply nutritious lunches to kids who wouldn’t have one. By engaging and garnering support from communities within the Calgary area BB4CK has seen a marked drop in the lunches provided from their main kitchen and an increase in lunches being supplied through agency partners. The average lunch costs $1 and over 1500 are delivered to nearly 60 schools each school day.

So knowing all of this just think of how far your donation goes when you register for the Ball Hockey Tournament! By coming out and joining us on Saturday September 8th, 2012 you will be making a serious difference in kid’s lives all over the city by supporting this great charity.


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