5 Reasons to Enter the 3rd Annual Eligeo Ball Hockey Tournament

5 Jul 2012 by admin, Comments Off

5) You can embrace your inner child. Who didn’t spend countless afternoons playing ball hockey as a kid? Now anyone over 18 years an older can play in our tournament. Get a group of friends together, pool some money, register on our website and spend the day playing the same game you loved so much as a kid!

4) It’s for a great cause! Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids has been supplying local kids with bagged lunches for over 20 years to help combat child hunger and malnutrition among children in Calgary by providing nutritious lunches  to kids who would otherwise go hungry.

3) It’s tax deductible! When you register individually or with a team you will be taken to a website where you can print off a receipt to claim for your income tax.

2) For a $25 per person registration fee you get to come out and compete in the great Canadian sport that is hockey! We want a fundraiser that people enjoy and spending the day out in the sun, playing hockey is something every Canuck enjoys. This year we are introducing 2 leagues: recreational and competitive. So whether you just want to come play in a good ol’ hockey game (the best game you can play!) or think you should be playing to win the coveted Ball Hockey Trophy come out and enjoy the greatest Canadian past time!

1)Through the help of  local sponsorship from our community we are able to donate all the money raised to charity. All and we mean ALL of the proceeds go directly to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids!



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Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

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